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    Custom Sneaker/Shoe Coverings

  • RTL-1010 jpeg.dog

    Rely A Light

  • Classic 6

    Cabidor Portable Storage

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    Lightload Outdoor Towels


    Cool New Electronic Accessories

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    Make It Yourself Ice Pops

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    The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator

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    Fun Fashion w/ Refried Tees


    Creative Games & Brainteasers

Pacific West Marketing: Promotional Products, Trade Show Giveaways, Corporate Gifts, Personalized Gifts, Promotional Items, and Other Unique Gifts

Your source for corporate promotional products, trade show give- aways, personalized gifts, promotional items, and many other unique gifts designed to get your companies brand and name in the hands and minds of you customers. We provide any type of Promotional Item or Gift and will brand the product with you company name and message. We work closely with your marketing department to ensure your promotion is a complete success. We offer Food & Beverage Promotional Items, Novelty, Apparel & Footwear, and Toys/Games/Sports, Corporate Gifts, Promotional Giftware, Home/Bath/Body, Promotional Products, Consumer Electronic Promotional Products, and General Merchandise Personalized Gifts.

Is your company planning a new marketing promotion that requires corporate-branded promotional items? Pacific West Marketing offers a huge variety of high-quality promotional products and solutions that can be branded with your corporate logo and message.

Founded in 1998, pacific west marketing is a veteran-owned agency dedicated to bringing quality high perceived value products that are mostly made in the USA. We specialize in bringing factory direct pro- motional items and solutions to the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace.

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  • group-1-004

    Custom Sneaker/Shoe Coverings

  • wizardofoz2

    Warner Bros. Wall Decor

  • Item-205-1.25in-HD-Workbelt

    Quality Leather Belts & Wallets

  • Applicator11

    Always Got Your Back!

  • aromasidekickcolors

    Essential Aromas for Wherever You Are

  • seat_belt_pilow2

    Seat Belt Pillow

  • B20540-MC

    Water Resistant Speakers

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    Personalize Your Car with Grillie

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    Sunlemon Stuffed Toys

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    Tipsy Totes

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    High-Tech Affordable Gadgets

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    World Class Jewelry