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Bra in a Box




    Bra in a Box is just what every on-the-go woman needs – a set of premium silicone nipple covers (Nipcos) in a convenient, chic, and innovative travel compact.


    Bra in a Box will allows women to wear the workwear, activewear, and partywear that makes them feel confident, combining the coverage they require with the comfort of going braless. Our patent-pending travel compact allows the Nipcos to stick directly onto the interior of the case and eliminates the need to keep track of the annoying and easy-to-lose plastic that is required for traditional nipple covers and sticky bras.


    Bra in a Box is available in two materials and three skin tones that are sure to please and can be used 15-20 times with maximal stickiness. Bra in a Box is also water-proof and sweat-proof, making it the perfect accessory for the yoga/pilates studio, gym, or beach! 

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