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Molly Kite's Big Dream


    Molly Kite is America’s Pint-Sized Superstar! Goal setting can be easily taught to children of all ages. The secret of attraction is no secret.


    The beautifully illustrated children’s book “Molly Kite’s Big Dream” does everything a children’s book should do! With instantly likeable characters, vivid, and entertaining illustrations this is a story that kids will go to repeatedly and there is good news for parents: Molly Kite stories gently teach important lessons. 


    Molly Kite’s Big Dream ignites the power of attracting results. The colorful pictures and simple storyline includes basic Law of Attraction steps for conscious caregivers and their little ones. The message of dream, do, have is woven throughout the plot.


    As an added bonus the publisher has included conversation starter questions to keep your child engaged in dreaming and taking action.

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