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Keep Your Hot Flash a Secret




    Have you ever experienced hot flash symptoms during a social or work situation and there was nothing you could do to control it? It can be embarrassing and feel as though you are on display. Help is here...our COOLING INSERT alleviates your HOT FLASH symptoms after it is placed on the back of your neck. It fits easily into your fashion scarf and you can go about your day without anyone knowing that you have it on. It will be our SECRET!


    1. Cools down body temperatures instantly and provides relief.  
    2. Wet towel, wring out, wrap into fashion scarf, and tie it. 
    3. Can be used directly on neck/skin for outdoor activities and night sweats.
    4. Unique and perfect gift for loved ones, friends and colleagues


    Helpful Hints: You can rewet and use your cooling insert over and over.  You can also wash/dry it when needed. Keep it by your bedside at night and pre-wet it.  Lay it on the plastic packing tube and when you have a hot flash at night place it over your chest. It does wonders and immediately provides relief. Use it directly on your neck when playing golf or enjoying outdoor activities.


    For a video demonstration, click here.


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