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Energy Almanac for 2020


    This is the only book you need for 2020. 


    The plan for 2020 has been decoded and stripped down for you to make all the plans you need so you can plan according to the planets and ease into the twelve months ahead. 


    The Energy Almanac for 2020 is your complete easy-to-read guide. With beautiful illustrations as reflection tools one can see at-a-glance exactly where to focus your efforts, plus:


    • 12 monthly overviews and 52 weekly articles help you see exactly how the planets support your days, weeks, months-- then plan accordingly
    • Understand which planets are impacting you and in which life area (relationships, money, communication, psyche, travel, health)
    • Weekly "do this" suggestions
    • Lean into powerful journal prompts to keep you focused each month
    • Know which gemstones, essential oils, and yoga pose will support you.
    • Awaken to the self-care practices that will best nurture you during the days ahead.
    • Experience contributions by a professional astrologer, numerologist, gem enthusiast, essential oil specialist, a yogi and a forward thinking mindset coach


    Gift this to your star staffers, clients, or customers. Make this available in each of your spa spaces or retreat rooms. The Energy Almanac is ready to serve your population of star people. This beautiful 150 page publication is available for private labeling.

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