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Magic Makers Planner & Playbook


    This calendar, planner, workbook starts on January 1, 2020 and carries you gracefully toward the successful achievement of your goals. With astrological insight, moon dates marked, goals locked in and reflection time incorporated you are sure to feel guided and at ease in your journey. 


    Love astrology and moon planning? Each month is divided by our illustrated guide to which area of your life will be impacted during the full and new moons. Use these reflection guides to help you set up your weekly work plan.


    The resource area in the back of your book is your go-to place for tips, tricks, and techniques you can work with if you bump into roadblocks as you are going for your goal. It includes EFT tapping scripts for letting go of pain, EFT tapping scripts for incorporating enthusiasm into your goals, journal questions, space for note-taking, book lists, astrology and numerology.



    • Astrological Insights: You'll get highlights of what might be triggering you so you know exactly how to plan your weeks.
    • Illustrated Divider Pages:  Weekly "Do This, Don't Do That" instructions and Moon themes.
    • Work/Play/Magic Pages: A section in every spread where you can list all the things you want to tackle for work, play (or home life) and then space to invite magic into your week. AND... because I know you love to check things off your list, we added check boxes. (YAY!)
    • What Does Your Life Ask of You This Week?: Choose from our juicy list of words that you can circle in or order to better embody the energies of what you are calling in for that time period. 
    • The Morning Magic Routine: It's all in one place in the back of the book.
    • EFT Tapping Scripts: New and improved.
    • "I Am" Statements:  You get to add your specific goals and fill in the blanks!
    • Energy & Your Mind: Energy exercises to help you work with your conscious mind to amplify results. A full page dedicated to visualization skills and how to move and work with energy.  
    • More coloring!
    • "Chart Your Year" A page to see how far you've come month after month.
    • Improved goal setting pages.
    • The Power Posed Woman: This inspiration is placed thoughtfully throughout the book to remind you of your own personal capacity for greatness.
    • Yummy heavyweight divider pages.
    • Review 2019 in a fun new way.

    These Items Stayed STRONG and Remain Unchanged:

    • The Weekly Layout: AM/PM appointment spaces.
    • Emotional Freedom Technique: How to power up your day with EFT s ready to go again this year--with NEW scripts.
    • Spiral bound with high-quality paper.
    • Month end review pages are ready for you!
    • The "Hello Soul": This journal page is ready for your end-of-month work.
    • Heart Storm page is ready to go.
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