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Coffee with a Greater Cause


    Doing Good Through Coffee! Every bag of coffee creates clean water in the hill tribes of Northern Thailand.


    We’re a small group of coffee lovers who feel so lucky to be able to deliver a standout product at a profit that we can use to help change lives. We import and roast some of the best coffee the world produces. Then we deliver it to people who love exceptional coffee.


    • CAREFULLY SOURCED. Our beans are primarily from a single source, but you'll always know their history. 
    • SHADE GROWN. Our coffee requires no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.
    • FAIRLY TRADED. We treat growers and the environment with respect. 



    Tasting Notes: Molasses | Cocoa | Malt

    Roast Description: Smooth and balanced with notes of molasses, malt, and cocoa, our Sanuk Espresso is sure to be a crowd-pleasure. Thai for striving to achieve satisfaction and pleasure from whatever you do, our Sanuk is well-developed making it great for all brewing methods. 


    SOM POI 

    Tasting Notes: Brown Butter | Pie Crust | Vanilla

    Roast Description: Som Poi coffee has notes of brown butter, pie crust, and vanilla. The village of Som Poi has been a source of coffee for us for 25 years, with a 40-year history of growing coffee.



    Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar | Lime | Butterscotch

    Roast Description: Our lightest roast, with distinct floral tastes and a crisp finish. This roast has our highest caffeine content making it a perfect morning start.



    Tasting Notes: Pine | Robust | Bold

    Roast Description: Full bodied with rich chocolate notes and a roasty undertone, our French Roast is a good fit for those that seek a bold cup of coffee. The French roast boasts our darkest roast profile, allowing it to maintain a sheen of its natural oil. Although our darkest roast, our French roast is low in bitterness and acidity.


    Single Serve KUPS

    Available in French and House roasts, our KUPS give you the convenience of a single serve coffee with the same superior roasts. Keurig© compatible. 


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