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Ultimate Travel Pillow Set



    Igloo is the ultimate travel pillow set. The set is made of memory foam and has 4 parts:

    1. A travel pillow with a unique design that holds all the weight of your head and support at 360 degrees.
    2. A lumbar cushion to allow the ultimate body position for rest,
    3. 1 bag to carry both the pillow and the cushion that transforms into an arm pocket.
    4. 1 small compression bag (20 x 30 cm) to carry the full set that you can easily attach to your backpack or suitcase.


    OUR Vision

    • To offer a simple, affordable and innovative product, adopting the highest standards of quality in terms of manufacturing and durability.
    • Contribute to the comfort of millions of travelers who travel the world every day.
    • Redefining the standard for relaxation accessories for transportation.
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