Palm Festivalware

Product Description

Made from 100% Natural Aged Palm Leaves!

We are using the strength, beauty, renewability, and versatility of palm leaves to offer an ever widening array of products. Whether you are looking for a disposable plate or bowl for your next party or if you want a reusable palm leaf plate that can replace or compliment your existing dinnerware, we have what you want.

  • Reusable, all natural, 100% compostable
  • Renewable and biodegrades in 2 months
  • Unique and elegant
  • Great for hot food and hot liquids

P1601---6''-Square-Flat-Palm-Plate P1664---6''-Round-Palm-Palm-Plate P1769---10''-Paw-Print-Palm-Plate---Top-View P2004---10''---Round-Deep-Palm-Plate---Top-View P2004---10''---Round-Deep-Palm-Plate  P2915---14''-x-10''-Rectangle-Palm-Tray


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