Italian Designed Luggage

Product Description

The Perfect Fusion of Art and Science

30 years of design and innovation culminate in this exquisite line of travel cases exclusively designed in Milan, Italy. Every inch of these cases are carefully thought out with great detail, love, and passion actualizing a beautiful experience that will inspire all of your travel needs. Available in modern textures and colors as well as designer artwork for the ultimate expression.

  • World’s first upgradable connected luggage
  • Creative and contemporary designs with rich textures and vibrant colors
  • Lightweight armor-flex composite
  • Glide-Tech dual wheel multidirectional 360-degree dual wheel provides smooth and stable motion
  • TSA-friendly designs
  • Lightweight trolley
  • Compression straps and clasp are easy to use and keep your personal items secure
  • Ergonomic gel grip handle
  • Flex pack design expands 2″ to add 25% more packing space
  • Worldwide 10 year protection

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