9_Custom Etchings
1_Corked Jar Set2_Oil Dispensers3_Small Beer Bottle Glasses4_Wine Bottle Glasses5_Fatty Wine Bottle Glasses6-12oz Green Wine Bottle Glasses7_Olive Hurricane Lantern9_Custom Etchings10_Etching Close Up

Beautiful Glassware

Product Description

1_Corked Jar Set

Corked Jar Set: Set of three jars with a cork top.  Set includes one 12oz jar, one 16oz jar and one 20oz jar.  Jars come in colors of green, amber, olive or mixed set.

2_Oil Dispensers

Oil Dispensers: 375ml olive oil dispensers come in a variety of shapes and colors.  Shapes may vary from photograph.

3_Small Beer Bottle Glasses

Small Beer Bottle Glasses: These 8oz glasses are made from 12oz beer bottles.  Glasses come in colors of amber, cobalt blue, clear and green.

4_Wine Bottle Glasses

Wine Bottle Glasses: By far our most popular seller.  Wine bottle glasses come in colors of green, olive, amber, clear and sometimes yellow although yellow is rare.  Size options are 12oz (Tumbler), 16oz (Traditional), and 18oz (Tall).

5_Fatty Wine Bottle Glasses

Fatty Wine Bottle Glasses: These wider diameter glasses are perfect for stemless wine glasses.  Fatty wine bottle glasses come in colors of olive, clear and sometimes green although green is rare.  Size options are 12oz (Tumbler Fatty), 16oz (Traditional Fatty), and 20oz (Tall Fatty).

6-12oz Green Wine Bottle Glasses

12oz Green Wine Bottle Glasses: This is a “hero shot” of our 12oz wine bottle glasses that shows the quality of the rims.

7_Olive Hurricane Lantern

Olive Hurricane Lantern: This lantern looks great hanging from a pergola or sitting on a fireplace mantle.  Lantern comes with a soy candle.  Other colors available include yellow, green, clear and sometimes cobalt blue although cobalt blue is rare.

9_Custom Etchings

Custom Etchings: We will etch custom logos onto wine bottle glasses for a unique business or wedding gift.  Custom logos must be provided in a high resolution, black and white file.  There is a one-time $35 set up fee to get a custom logo into our system.

10_Etching Close Up

Etching Close Up: This is a close up view of a custom etching since taking photographs of etching on glassware doesn’t show very well.


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