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World's Best Beefy Jerky


    You Can't Stop Eating It Until the Bag is Empty!


    Looking for a delectable selection of beef jerky made from fine cuts of beef? If your idea of snack is something that is savory and high in protein, we surely have something for you. Currently, we have six flavors you can choose from. Try them all and pick your favorite!


    • Original Recipe (our original beef jerky flavor)

    • Orange Teriyaki (delicious tasting orange teriyaki flavor)

    • Cracked Pepper (savory beef jerky with cracked pepper)

    • Hot & Spicy (hot jerky with a spicy kick to it)

    • Sweet & Spicy (spicy flavor with a sweet kick to it)

    • Burnout (our hottest beef jerky product!)


    Founded by Michelle Timberlake-Jackson in 1991, Marjorie's Beef Jerky is the most savory, mouth-watering, and affordable beef jerky on the market today. There is no MSG and no preservatives added to our jerky. 



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