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Travel Necessity for Rest


    Accessory for Rest During Travel by Plane, Train, Bus, or Car!


    • Extremely lightweight
    • Made of durable ABS
    • Machine washable
    • Fits in most backpacks
    • 100% made in USA and a portion of every purchase supports wells in Burkina Faso, Africa.


    This product was created to provide a support platform for your head to rest or sleep on when in a seated position with limited space such as on a plane, bus, train, etc. It is compact, (weighs less than 1 lb.) and designed to be carried in a backpack or similar carrying case and the backpack is then used as part of the support platform. It allows backpacks or similar carry-ons to be held in the users lap which frees up leg room and if used while waiting in the Terminal, it keeps your valuables safely cradled in your arms with little ability for someone to walk off with them as you doze.

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