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The Belt Alternative


    The original invisible belt, the MUST HAVE Fashion “fix-it” accessory. A thin, strong and flexible clear plastic belt, that virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it’s there. It prevents back gap, slippage, and of course, belt bulk and belt bulge. It solves all of these fashion issues and many more.


    Also available:

    • Clear adhesive wallet pouch for mobile devices.
    • Strapdowns for Jeans: no more tucking/rolling pant hems into your boots. (TSA Friendly)
    • Bra StrapSecure for Women: Tames your bra straps. A comfortable solution to secure your bra straps in place. (TSA Friendly)
    • Versatile, multi-use body & apparel tape: Apparel tape includes 36 strips. (TSA Friendly)
    • Original Magnetic Clasp (black and clear): A ½" wide must-have fashion “fix-it” accessory. This thin, strong, and flexible plastic (eco-responsible TPU) belt virtually disappears when worn on pants or skirts and provides you with the assurance that all is secure without even knowing it’s there. (TSA Friendly)
    • Wide Belt – Magnetic Clasp (black and clear): 1"” wide, flexible elasticized TPU (eco-responsible) with a strong, flat magnetic clasp. Slimming sleek design. Virtually invisible and undetectable under fitted tops. No bulk or bulge. (TSA Friendly)
    • Fabric Belt – Magnetic Clasp (black, white, navy, sapphire): 1" wide, flexible and stretchy material with a strong flat magnetic clasp. A flat belt with no bulk and a must-have fashion “fix-it”. (TSA Friendly)
    • isABling (crystal, blue stone, skull): A new fashionable, interchangeable jewelry accessory! Adds bling to anything! BONUS: Each buckle comes with magnetic bar for added adornment uses!
    • isABelt/Bag Duo (black, red, blue): The bag is a flexible plastic (eco-responsible TPU) wristlet and messenger bag in one. It can be used alone or attach the accompanying wide clear belt for a hands-free belly bag/fanny pack! (TSA Friendly)
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