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Tetrapix - 4 in 1


    4 Designs, Display Frame & Bonus Easel Included with Each Puzzle!


    Tetrapix Puzzles include four separate and unique puzzle challenges. The blocks and frame are made of hard plastic not cheap cardboard. Both the beginner and expert puzzler will have endless hours of entertainment in each design. The tetrahedron blocks are easily hand manipulated. Simply drop them in and pop them out! Tetrapix is assembled in a uniquely designed and engineered Display Frame. Once you complete a puzzle design Tetrapix is ready for instant display! No need to buy an expensive frame! The Tetrapix Display Frame allows you to instantly place it on your coffee table or simply attach the Bonus Easel to the frame and display it like a traditional picture. Tetrapix looks great on the fireplace mantel, office desk, coffee table top, or bookshelf! When you are ready for the next challenge try and solve the next puzzle image!


    • Durable plastic, not cardboard!
    • Easy hand manipulation – drop-in and pop up!
    • Display frame for desk or coffee table top
    • Add bonus easel for bookshelf or fireplace mantel display
    • UV-cured print not paper stickers
    • Instructions included!
    • For beginners and experts
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