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Strictly Briks® STEM Toys




    Strictly Briks® is an exciting and innovative STEM toy company in the USA that encourages kids to dream amazing things, create and build imagination into reality, and grow into the scientists, mathematicians, engineers, designers, inventors, and problem solvers of tomorrow. Our mission is to encourage STEM-based creative play and to impact kids by developing innovative brick construction toys. We provide opportunities for children to enhance educational skills while having fun.


    Available in a variety of brik sizes, colors, and sets!

    • Big Briks™

    • Sets with baseplates

    • Tower sets including circle towers, teeny towers, and tiny towers

    • Silicone bricks and brick tape

    • Light Switch covers

    • AlphaBriks™ and MathBriks™

    • Dioramas

    • Unique shapes

    • Brik Builder Family Game

    • Brik Buster

    • Creatorz™ Set and the Cube™

    • Mini Pixel Brick Set

    • Rubik's Briks


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