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Sleeping Sling for Travelers


    Give Your Arms and Wrists a Rest while Reading


    Our patent-pending, double-arm sling and wrist rest solves the problem of uncomfortable traveling. Usually, there isn't enough armrest space or even armrests at all. Our traveler's sling addresses this with your very own adjustable armrest!


    Texting: Reduce arm fatigue with our wrist rest feature while texting.

    Reading: Get extra arm support while you read your favorite novel for hours.

    Sleeping: Sleep soundly while staying warm and cozy in your Solo Sling.

    Gaming: Play your favorite video game comfortably.


    • Rest both arms while minimizing the strain on your neck and shoulders with a double shoulder strap
    • Breathable & durable. We use a cotton ripstop and fleece liner allowing for a comfortable trip
    • Adjustable straps to easily change the armrest height for maximum comfort
    • Easily remove the sling by using the quick release buckles
    • Our wrist rest feature allows you to comfortably text, read, or game for hours.
    • Works with most travel pillows
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