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Screw Cancer


    Imagine how they will feel when receiving this elegantly designed gift? The excitement starts with the Screw Cancer message but the experience is far from over. Open the lid to reveal the Screw Cancer screwdriver nestled in the box, removing it as the profile handle cradles the hand. Pull, don't twist, the magnetic end cap to reveal three (3) more double ended 3 ¾:” long blades. Gently slide the chosen blade out of the textured polymer handle and quickly lock the blade into the stainless steel connector with a crisp ‘click’. The award winning E1 MULTI 8 screwdriver experience is now available with the Screw Cancer brand and feels great to give, as the perfect gift for anyone affected by cancer.


    “Product design is my passion, but with an overwhelming introduction of new products entering the market every year I wanted to do product design and marketing differently. Cancer took my mom in 2007, she would have been proud of this product and its purpose”

    – Simon Fallows, Grappleworks Ltd co-founder and President.


    • Color: Black Graphite
    • Materials: ABS Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, S1 hardened blades, magnets.
    • Measurements: 1 ½” Diameter x 4 ¾” Long
    • Lifetime warranty, to be passed down for generations.
    • We included the two (2) hex key tips to assemble IKEA and other flat pack furniture.
    • Clean and approachable shape to fit hands large and small.
    • Handle construction is ABS thermoplastic polymer, offering outstanding aesthetics, toughness, high temperature and impact resistance.
    • Textured handle for non-slip and easy cleaning while maintaining its contemporary look.
    • Bright, high-polished stainless steel that won’t chip, peel or tarnish.
    • Blade ends: Philips 1 & 2, Robertson 1 & 2, Flat 4mm & 5.5mm, Allen Key 4mm & 5mm.
    • A tool designed to look great in the Kitchen or Office, not buried in a toolbox.