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Microcurrent Therapy Wraps


    Wear It Any Place, Any Time You Want

    Does your knee ache? Pain in the back? Do you have a problem with your shoulders, hips or ankles? Do you want real healing rather than just blocking the pain signal? Millions suffer the same. And everyone is seeking a real pain relief which gives real healing and recovery in the injured tissues rather than just blocking the pain signal.

    Low-level electrical stimulation for effective pain relief… It is a special electric bandage you place over the painful place and the therapy starts. It can be applied in almost every situation and without discomfort. They are easy to place and conceal under clothes. These wraps generate micro-electrical impulses which work deep into the inflamed tissues, stabilize the electric balance among the damaged cells, and this helps cell regeneration. This electric current is so weak it does not upset the human body. Just the opposite: this is gentle micro-electricity which renders possible and helps the onset of auto-healing process in the tissues. Powered by a snap-on battery unit that lasts at least four months depending on use, these micro-current therapy wraps are recommended for:

    • Relief from continuous and occasional musculoskeletal pain
    • Stiffness and pain in joints
    • Stressed, tense neck and shoulder
    • Muscle injuries and pain
    • Accelerating the healing process
    • Sports injuries


    Available in: Back Wraps, Knee Wraps, Shoulder Wraps, and the Basic Microcurrent Therapy Wraps.

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