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Hospital Comfort Kit


    Imagine that you or your spouse is stuck in the hospital for weeks…stark walls, dry air, and staff coming in at all hours. Now put on some good music, grab a snack from the cooler with a refreshing drink, and read through our advice drawn from hundreds of days of experience!


    The Premium Hospital Comfort Kit is a far better option than flowers or candy. Each item was rigorously tested for the hospital and for life afterwards. 

    • INSULATED COOLER: Imagine having hospital food every day and then someone brings in this perfect sized cooler filled with treats. Whether it is good food from home, your favorite takeout, or just a way to keep drinks cold, it’s just right.
    • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Music makes the day a little better. With crystal clear sound and strong bass, this speaker fills the room. The intentionally small size fits well on a hospital table while the substantial weight provides the feel of quality. You have to hear this one to believe it!
    • ALUMINUM WATER BOTTLE: The attractive design and light weight make it easy to stay hydrated. 
    • HOSPITAL SURVIVAL GUIDE: Become an instant expert with lessons from the CF Cornerman story, identify the best items to bring from home, and find out what your care team can do to help. 
    • BODY WIPES: Showers can be infrequent so a quick wipe down is often perfect. 
    • LIP BALM: When the bedside tray slides in, the round or cylindrical lip balms often roll onto the dirty, dirty hospital floor. This cubed shape balm stays put and stays clean. 
    • BACKSCRATCHER: Sitting in bed makes you itchy and limited mobility can make it tough to reach. Let this bear claw get it for you!
    • NOTEBOOK AND PEN: Doctors can be in and out quickly, and you can easily forget your question. Write it down the moment it comes to you! 
    • 70% DARK CHOCOLATE BAR: Because chocolate. Individually wrapped pieces make sharing easy…if you choose to.
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