WAFF Journals

Product Description

“Inspired from the grid of waffles, my favorite dessert, I decided to bring a similar textured surface into the stationery world.”

WAFF Journals and Combo Sets

Teacher recommended educational toy! Spend hours of fun with a Lego-like silicone cover journal, customizable with alphabet letter cubes. Write your name, create art, and simply have fun! Perfect gift for kids. Enhance spelling skills. Design amazing pixelated art and create fun math problems for kids. Take notes for school or use as a bullet journal. Available in large and medium sizes with several fun colors and even glitter!



Waff-medium_blue_frontWaff-medium_green_life Waff-medium_grey_boxMINI-black_front MINI-orange_side MINI-purple_box



Spend hours of fun with a pin-up silicone cover journal, customizable with 120 Alphabet and Emoji pins! Write your name, create art, and simply have fun!


mozaika_green_life mozaika_fuchsia_boxmozaika_pink_life mozaika_teal_front


WAFF Spara is a creative interactive journal. You can design your journal any way you like by spelling out words, creating pixelated art, and even forming math equations!

spara_box_blue spara_front_red spara_pages_orange spara_side_purple

LeRoyal Collection

LeRoyal has a slick design with genuine recycled leather cover. Its special cut pocket allows you to store business cards. Perfect for: Business meetings; Note-taking; Drawing; Bullet Journaling. Characteristics: 100% Genuine Recycled Leather; 190 Lined Pages; Made in the USA; Available in several colors. Refill your journal with available paper refills.


leRoyal_angle_burnt-orange leRoyal_black leRoyal_front_chocolate leRoyal_front_fuchsia leRoyal_fuchsia leRoyal_Open-Product_turquoise leRoyal_orange leRoyal_red



pocket_burnt-orange_3 pocket_turquoise_4


The WAFF Memento is characterized by a colorful, smooth silicone cover. Perfect for bullet journaling, note taking, or sketching. 216 lined pages. Paper 100 g/m. Clip on the side securely closes the book and can hold a pen. 2 inside pockets for business cards. Available in several colors and two sizes.

memento-Large_cream_front memento-Large_DEEP-GREY_front memento-Large_emerald-green_front memento-Large_fuchsia_front memento-Large_red_front memento-Large_teal_front memento-Large_yellow_front memento-Medium_blue_front memento-Medium_burnt-orange_book memento-Medium_cream_book memento-Medium_deep-purple_pages memento-Medium_pink_front memento-Medium_red-wine_front memento-Medium_vibrant-purple_book memento-Medium_yellow_pages



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