Travel Accessories

Product Description

2200 mAh Power Bank with Flashlight
Recharge your devices with this trusty tool that fits in your pocket.


4000 mAh charger with Built-in Cable and mifi Adaptor
Charges an Android or Apple device.


Emergency Multi-Tool
Flashlight, work light, book light, can opener, punch, knife, scissors, and carabineer.


Travel Clock
 A compact travel clock designed with an LED backlight. Easy to set and read two different time zones. Features an alarm , snooze, day, date and temperature.


12 Light LED Magnifier
An LED magnifier that is designed with a long handle to make it easy to view maps, documents, prescription labels, collectables and more up close.


Zippered Ladies 6 Piece Manicure
A 6-piece ladies manicure set fitted with stainless steel implements. Includes: Clipper, Scissors, Tweezer, File, Pusher, Small Clipper.


Zippered Men’s 5 Piece Manicure
A 5-piece men’s manicure set made with stainless steel implements. Includes: Large Clipper, File, Scissors, Tweezer, Small Clipper.


Eyewear Showcase Box
A handsome glass lid box designed to secure and show off up to 8 pairs of glasses and or sunglasses. Felt lining keeps glasses safe from scratches. Key lock included.


On The Go Table Top Tennis
Have on-the-go-fun with this tabletop tennis set. Adjustable net stretches to fit up a 65″ wide table. 2 paddles and 3 ping pong ball included.


Reverse Windproof Umbrella
A large windproof umbrella designed with the vents on the inside. Flat foot allows the umbrella to stand up inside out to dry. Choose all black or black /red combination. Manual open and close. Comfortable contoured rubber handle. 29″ long stem with a 46″ Arc.


Fogless Mirror with 2 Razor Holders
Fogless shower mirror designed with 2 razor holders. 4 suction cups on the back.


7X Lighted Suction Mirror
Light-up mirror designed with 7x magnification. 9 LED lights. 2 Suction cups on the back.


8 oz. Flask
An 8 oz. flask made with a cognac leather finish.  Also available in black leather finish.


Slim Card USB Charging Cable
A slim credit card sized card fitted with a handy charging cable. With Android and Apple connectors.


3D VR Glasses with built in Headphones
A virtual reality headset made with built in headphones. Just use the included auxiliary cable to attach to your smart phone. Adjustable phone tray. Supports volume control and hands-free function.

Mini Vented Umbrella
A mini compact umbrella that is vented to withstand wind gusts. Opens and closes automatically with the push of a button. Includes cover and wrist strap. 42″ Arc.




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