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Lighting You Can Rely On

Product Description


Decorative Emergency Lighting… These stylish, affordable lamps are multi-functional. Our lamps outperform regular table lamps by providing emergency lighting when the power goes OFF. With NO HUMAN INTERACTION the high power LED emergency lights illuminate your room for up to 12 hours when a power outage occurs. The LEDs can be conserved for use during an extended power outage by utilizing a switch located on the base of the lamp. There is also a rocker switch on the 6’ cord that allows you to use the LEDs as a nightlight when AC power is present. The base of the lamp comes complete with a universal USB port that gives you the ability to charge your mobile device or tablet when power is present AND during a power outage! They give you light and the ability to stay in communication with family and friends during a power outage. Reduce your risk of falls and fires all while staying in touch with friends and family.


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