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Our unique cutting boards are made from premium Canadian recovered/recycled hardwoods and are produced with the highest production standards. With the new abilities in wood manufacturing, we have the capacity to take this raw material, otherwise disposed of, and turn it into these culinary works of art. Produced in Eastern Canada, these are the most beautiful cutting boards and butcher blocks in the industry. Durable, bacteria-resistant, and reversible. Perfect for professionals and professionals at heart. Customized laser engraving also available to promote your organization or cause.

boards boards2 laserengraved

Scroll down to view our wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, with or without grooves, stainless steel handles, rubber or wood mounted feet.

Labell _0011_LS-24203NE Labell _0010_LS-36203CEM (2) Labell _0009_LS-52165MX Labell _0008_PME_3031 HD Labell _0007_PME_3044 HD Labell _0006_PME_3069 HD Labell _0005_PME_3073 HD Labell _0004_PME_3080 HD Labell _0003_PME_3107 HD Labell _0002_PME_3113 HD Labell _0001_PME_3128 HD Labell _0000_LF-22185CE2L _0084_L05070 _0082_L05107 _0081_L06127 _0080_L06157 _0079_L06207 _0078_L07107 _0077_L07147 _0075_L08082 (2) _0074_L08100 _0073_L08120 _0072_L08122 (2) _0069_L08123 _0068_L08126 _0067_L08167 _0066_L09120 _0065_L09130 _0064_L10000 _0063_L10100 _0062_L10101 _0061_L10102 _0060_L10105 _0059_L10140 _0058_L10146 _0057_L10148 (2) _0055_L10160 _0053_L10163 _0052_L10185 _0051_L10187 _0050_L10207 _0049_L11000 _0048_L12000 _0047_L12080 (2) _0045_L12121 _0044_L12122 (2) _0042_L12125 _0041_L12160 _0040_L12164 (2) _0037_L12166 _0035_L12168 _0034_L12180 _0032_L12183 _0031_L12222 _0030_L13217 _0028_L14100 _0025_L14144 _0024_L14145 _0022_L14185 _0020_L14186 _0018_L14200 _0016_L16164 _0014_L16165 _0013_L16182 (1) _0011_L16200 _0010_L16205 (2) _0008_L16206 _0007_L16208 _0005_L16220 _0004_L18002 _0002_L18168 _0001_L18240 (2)


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