Poetry of Fragrance


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Natural Coconut Oil Candles Hand-blended and Inspired by the Many Fresh and Lovely Fragrances of Nature.

When you buy an Andrea Schroder Candle you are choosing to bring lovely scented light into your life that is made with generations of love.  Each luxurious fragrance has been personally blended by founder and expert perfumer Andrea Schroder who was trained at the famous ISIPCA  International School of Perfume in Paris. Every candle is hand poured in the USA using the finest coconut oil wax blend, which delivers fragrance richer and burns longer. Additionally, we add uplifting family poetry to each candle, which shares our message of love. The candles are custom packaged using the same inspired poetry and stamped with silver foil for a little extra shine. We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we have loved creating them for you.

Poetry of Fragrance Collection. 10.5 oz. Candles with 75+ hour burn time
Each hand blended coconut oil candle is beautifully labeled with our family hand written poetry which speaks of hope, light, love, and uplifting others. Reading poetry is proven to enhance one’s outlook on life. We hope this collection brings light and love to you and your home!

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Luxe Noir Collection
Our highest quality coconut oil candles featuring warm, earthy, and bright fragrances.

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4 oz. Travel Candles

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Two Wick Candles

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