The Number Story 1&2

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TheNumberStoryWho knew learning numbers could be so easy and fun!

A wonderful, ingenious new way for little children to learn their numbers and start counting too!

The Number Story 1 / The Number Story 2 is a little book that can truly benefit many different types of learners. The book has been written to serve as a half-step to the huge step of mastering numbers zero to ten. The bright pictures, the cheerful disposition of the Numbers, and their cute jingle are sure to win the favor of children far and wide.

In The Number Story 1, Numbers find a way to help children connect their number names with the correct number symbol. Choosing just the right props and costumes, they create a jingle to help children remember the specific features of each number. In The Number Story 2, Numbers introduce children to the next step of number learning: counting. Still donning on their specific attires, Numbers ease children into the 1-to1 correspondence of counting—Numbers are used for counting. About the Author Miss Anna would agree that her stories are meant to serve as a step stool for children. Her stories do provide an extra boost with a warm hug. Learning should be fun and engaging. Memorizing should be as simple as remembering a story. Her stories are memorable for both children and the moms and dads who are reading the stories to them. She writes from the beautiful and green Portland, Oregon.


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