First Aid for Your Laundry


Product Description

99.8% Plant-Based Laundry Soap – Cleans and Softens
Our laundry soap is made from soapberries. It works as well as leading brands, but is super safe for your clothes and the planet. 95% berry-based, 99.8% plant-based, berryplus is the purest, most natural and gentle soap available, with nothing added to irritate even the most sensitive types. One tiny microdose (really, just one) is all you need for a full load of laundry, in any machine or even in the sink, at any temperature (although cold is best for the planet and your wallet). Just pop the top of a microdose, use a drop or two to pre-treat tough stains, choose your settings, and press start; it’s that simple. And there’s no need for softener, because nature built it right into the berries.


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