Fashion Eyewear

Product Description

Fashion Readers. Sun Readers. Sunglasses.

We have been committed to the eyewear industry for over 27 years servicing major retail department stores and specialty boutiques with the latest fashion eywear and technological advances in the optical arena. We provide a superior product, made to the highest level of quality, at an affordable price.

FASHION READERS13368HP1181 P1296 P1299 P1390 P1440 P1450P1452 P1454 P1463 P1470 P1472R710

P1155 P1363P1388 P1393 P1417P1437P1447 P1448 P1449SR606

20522 20529 2062620670 20679 20709 20732 20741 2075820766 20767 20774TS-61TS46 TS92


Contact us today for information on the entire line of fashion readers, sun readers, and sunglasses.


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